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Game-Based Mobility Training and Motivation of Senior Citizens

Mobility problems are very common for elderly people. Recent studies found that low self-efficacy (people’s belief in their own competence) leads to reduced mobility and higher risk of falling that can ultimately lead to lower mobility, reduced quality of life and limitations in everyday activities and social participation. This is a vicious circle since physical exercise is important to maintain mobility and reduce risk of falling.

In GameUp, we will apply technologies that have been shown to be effective to modify behaviours and motivate: persuasive technologies, serious games and social computing. We will use these technologies to promote mobility by encouraging elderly persons to be more
physical active and motivating them to move more by increasing their self-efficacy. We will develop a platform for social and exercise games to reduce physical and motivational barriers of elderly people’s mobility. Using low cost motion sensors, we will develop exercise games designed to enhance mobility (e.g., sitting-up-down game). Motivational games (e.g. Walking group challenge) will provide personalized information and motivational tips adapted to the individual user’s unique physical and cognitive situation. The platform will be developed using easy-to-use commercial modules and products (e.g TV set-top-box, Android Tablets, motion sensors) in order to facilitate bringing the idea to the market shortly after the project is finished. This will be lead by the project’s business partners. A multidisciplinary consortium with strong involvement of end users and business partners will facilitate that transition to the market. In addition, the technical partners also have extensive experience in Ambient Assisted Living and ICT-based solutions for the elderly.

As described in the AAL Roadmap, ICT-based solutions can help elderly people’s mobility. However, there are fewer projects addressing the prevention of mobility problems due lack of motivation, self-efficacy or because people are afraid of falling. As described in the AAL JP Mobility call, Physical and Cognitive Training can be part of ICT-based mobility solutions to enhance mobility within Navigation and Orientation. In this project, we
are aiming at enhancing mobility by increasing physical activity capabilities in order to increase motivation and self-efficacy towards mobility. The objectives of the GameUp project cover all the expected impacts included in the call:

  • Sustaining mobility of older persons; prolonging the time they can live autonomously in their preferred home environment; enhancing quality of life.
  • Strengthening the industrial base in Europe, through developing emerging products, services and systems which meet the needs and wishes of end-users concerning mobility and have a high potential for a viable business case.

Facilitating new European cooperation, including end-users and different stakeholders in the value chain.