What is GameUp?

Game-Based Mobility Training and Motivation of Senior Citizens

  • Project goals:

    Sustaining mobility of elderly

    With exergames that

    • are fun to play
    • motivate to move
    • have good exercises for elderly
    • have a profesional portal for carers

    Strengthening the industrial base in Europe

    through  products which meet the needs and wishes of end-users

  • Gameup1

  • What we do

    We use technologies that are effective in modifying behaviours:

    • Persuasive technologies, serious games and social elements
    • Promote mobility by encouraging  to be more physical active
    • Games for balance, strength and endurance
    • Using camera and step counter as motion sensors

    User centred design is applied

    Funding and duration

    AAL call 4 , April 2012 – March 2015